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Is your grill still staying in your garage or basement? Don’t you get tired of dragging it to your lawn or your parking space because of your wet lawn every time you have a barbecue session? It's just time to get the deck project that you've always wanted. We are the best choice of Emerald Fence. When it comes to outdoor grilling and deck entertaining, it's still the best option for most homes today. Emerald Fence will work with you to design a deck project that meets your needs and your budget. Whether your choice is a meek and old-fashioned wood deck or a decorative conservation free deck with a screened porch, we will give your project the attention it deserves.

Regardless of the size of your home in Edmonton and some surrounding areas, a deck can be a great solution to expand your living room space, especially space to stay outdoors.

Decks can be used for restoration, slackening off, or just cooking out on the grill and maybe more.

Emerald Fence that has a process that can make your deck's life last longer while keeping safety in the long run. The professionals at Emerald Fence use a machine that installs the structure 3 feet underground giving the deck safety while on the long run.

Not only are our traditional and mobile home safe for use, but customizable in every way and can be created at any place that you want in your home:

The professionals at Emerald Fence can also create a cover for decks, traditional or mobile home deck to make your porch sheltered and shaped up.

Gates can also be a supplementary to decks to protect your kids, pets or others safe.

Maybe you don’t use your deck anymore due to its pitiable condition. Perhaps all of its best days are long gone and all that remains is a giant wooden blemish attached to your house. It may be time to call The Emerald Fence to give your deck that much-needed facelift it deserves. Many times, the construction of your deck is still in great shape, and don’t worry, we can merely change your flooring and railing with our new materials. Sometimes it may be best to just take away the old deck and design a new one.
Constructing a deck may seem simple—that's until you begin working with contractors.

You may find contractors with zero experience when it comes to building outdoor structures especially decks, or are you one that has been given a plan, and you haven't even given a chance to express what you really want for your deck.

That's why Emerald Fence is the best deck builder, we specialize outdoor structures such as decks and have already more than 20 years of experience. Our company is client-centered, so we care about every job that you want to take us on no matter how small or big it is.

In fact, perfection is our motto in every project.

Our approach is different from other deck builders because our first job is always to make a professional relationship with all our clients to give the importance of understanding what you would want and need.

Everyone has an objective for their deck and if we don’t take to understand what you really want, then you're never going to be happy with our work.

From the initial concept and design to the final check-up, your comment is the greatest factor that guides our work.
Because we specialize in deck building, we have access to the newest trends and ideas in the industry, the best materials, and innovative techniques that will ensure your enjoyment on your outdoor oasis.

All of our decks that we did are made from the quality materials that we can provide. From posts to joists of each job are made from treated pine for lasting installations. For the materials of the surface decking itself, you can consider these options:
Cedar, for an inexpensive, beautiful deck that will hold up well in the sun and be rot and decay resistant. Cedar does need to be blemished every couple of years to preserve its look, but it’s not likely to crack, splinter or warp.

Redwood offers easy preservation, attractiveness, and a long lifespan. Redwood isn’t prone to shrinking, warping or twisting, and its ease of workability makes it a great choice for complex deck designs (i.e. benches, railings, flower boxes and such). It needs to be stained and treated over time, but many people choose redwood for the above reasons.

Treated pine is more luxurious, but it’s also architecturally superior and resilient to decay and termites (as is treated pine that’s used for posts, joists, and framing). Treated pine has a lighter color that accepts stains more voluntarily and offers better security.

Composition materials are a fresher, ecologically-friendly choice for decks. Composition deck material is usually made from recycled materials and cedar fiber. It’s resistant to the sun and the elements, it installs just like wood and is just as easy to work with, and never requires care on your part. Composition decking is almost indestructible!

CertainTeed composite decking is one of the latest advances in materials. By combining waste wood and recycled plastic, it’s a wood-polymer lumber replacement that has no drawbacks of wood and is eco-friendly (for green-minded homeowners). CertainTeed decking is resistant to fire, scratch, and stain and easy to maintain. It also holds screws and other fasteners better than many wood products and is protected by a 25 year limited, transferable warranty.

Note that all of our wood decking installations are done with the use of screws, and the screws we use are countersunk into the wood for appearance and for your protection. Give us a call and let’s discuss your ideas. There are plenty of choices and options available for your deck project – we’d love to talk to you about what you have in mind!


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