Security gates play an important role in keeping your family, home or business safe and sound. You need to install a strong gate to your premises to keep miscreants and thieves at bay. In this regard, it is better to contact a reliable company like Emerald Fencing to install security gates that ensure minimal exposure to lose and other threats.

Emerald Fencing is a premier fencing contractors in Edmonton and mostly deal with following types of automatic and manual driveway or security gates.

  • Chain-link fence gates:

Chain link gates offer a unique set of features which make them extremely popular among home and business owners alike. They are the most affordable fences you can install at your home. Similarly, almost all chain link gates are galvanized and require minimum maintenance. Instead of plain grey, you can also customize chain link into different colors and thicknesses. These gates are long lasting and easy to repair as well.

On the down side, they provide little to no privacy. Furthermore, it is more of a pedestrian fencing devoid of any glamour and beauty. Most importantly, most of the chain links installed at home can be climbed easily.

  • Wooden Gates:

As compared to chain-link gates, wooden gates are more secure. They act as a strong deterrent to crime activities and are very tough to break. You can choose from many different types and designs of wooden gates. They are extremely functional and can easily meet your different requirements. Unlike chain links, they offer ample privacy to your family as well. However, wood decomposes easily and as a result, wood gates only have a life span of 5-10 years. They also need regular maintenance and possible painting.

  • Vinyl/PVC Gates:

Vinyl fences are some of the strongest fences you will come across. They are five times stronger than wood. You must consider using them in places with extreme weather conditions due to their flexibility. They are cheaper than wood and like chain links, require minimum maintenance. You can install them by yourself and are very easy to install. However, they are difficult to repair once damaged. They have the tendency to fade in extreme weather conditions as well.

  • Aluminum Gates:

Aluminum gates are similar to that of wrought iron but they are much lighter in weight. They can be a right option for you if you are looking for a gate which requires little to no maintenance. Aluminum gates never rust making them far superior to chain links and wrought iron gates. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and designs as well. They work great for any building and land no matter flat or rough.

Aluminum gates do have some drawbacks. They are not as strong as other types of gates such as wrought iron or wooden gates. Similarly, they don’t offer much privacy, especially to families at home just like chain-link gates.


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